Insurance Information & Fees

Most insurance companies reimburse for at least a portion of mental health services. While the client is responsible for fees for services provided by our psychologists, as a courtesy to the clients we serve, we will gladly file claims to insurance companies to assist you in receiving your maximum benefits.

If you direct your insurance company to pay their share of the fee directly to our office you would only be asked to pay the co-pay portion at the end of each session once you have met the deductible and the actual co-pay amount has been established with the insurance company. Please keep in mind that insurance is considered a method of reimbursing the client for fees paid to the clinician and is not a substitute for payment.

In most cases a verification of benefits check can be done by our office prior to your appointment.

Fees for psychotherapy and counseling services begin at $200.00 per hour. Typical fees for psychological evaluations range between $950.00 and $2,000.00 with 50% of total cost due upon first visit. Please feel free to contact the office with specific questions.

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Cash, check and all major credit cards accepted as payment options.